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PCL's handheld tyre inflation products are recognised internationally as the brand to buy, due to their reputation for speed, safety and ease of use and readability. Featuring top end performance and design, PCL's handheld units meet all relevant safety standards and are approved by blue chip companies across the globe.
PCL has cost-effective and accurate tyre inflation boxed off with this space-saving, entry-level unit.
PCL has a solution for every forecourt application, from the highest tech digital model with built-in air and water reels with coin/token mechanism facilities, through to the classic fixed mechanical unit with traditional display and lightweight yet robust portable and handheld units.
PCL's ability to manufacture value-driven tyre inflators whilst maintaining the highest levels of accuracy, safety and reliability, have made them a popular choice for workshops and tyreshops worldwide, attracting names such as Goodyear in the UK and Myers in the US. Customers can be confident that inflators meet all legal requirements and quality standards.
Designed for high pressure applications, these robust yet lightweight units are available with dual scale calibration of 45 - 300 lbf/in² and 3 - 21 bar, and offer guaranteed accuracy.
Expertise in design and innovation has seen PCL establish itself as the brand to use in the highest levels of application. As such, PCL's high pressure tyre gauges are a common sight in aircraft hangars, where its durable products made from the highest quality materials, promising guaranteed levels of accuracy and safety, play a vital role.
Ideal for garage forecourts, PCL's EC-approved portable tyre inflation units are simple to use, lightweight and robust. Packing all the features required into a space-saving, attractive design, the units are fully portable, easy to recharge, and provide guaranteed accuracy.
PCL offers a comprehensive range of footpumps, engineered to the highest quality standards, for all types of cars, tyres, commercial vehicles, trailers, cycles and even footballs.
PCL manufactures a comprehensive range of tyre connectors. For car tyres, commercial vehicles, heavy plant, aircraft, motorcycles, trailers and caravans – there is a PCL connector perfect for each individual application.
PCL has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of tyre inflation equipment, therefore the company has used its vast knowledge to provide a range of Test Equipment used by Trading Authorities throughout the UK.

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