We are delighted to have a large number of testimonials from our customers; here is a small selection

Glasgow City Council

"The main factor in our choice of PCL's ACCURA 10 was to make tyre inflation as safe as possible for our staff. Working in and around vehicles can be a high risk activity.

Buying equipment with a high safety specification means we have significantly lowered the risk of an accident when inflating a tyre. This also ensures a safer vehicle on the road. The performance so far has been excellent and the staff feedback endorses that.

Brian Beech and PCL responded quickly too when we had queries about installation or operation."

Hugh McKergow, Cleansing Operations Manager

Hampshire Police

"A key facet of good police fleet management encompasses issues around the vehicle, including passenger and public safety. Vehicles now fall within the Driving at Work document and the onus is on the fleet manager to adhere to its guidelines.

This includes ensuring that fleet tyres are kept in first-class condition, therefore we must enhance ways in which officers as well as staff in police stations have the ability to accurately monitor and adjust vehicle tyre pressures.

We looked at the market and thought that PCL's D10 wall-mounted gauge was the best solution. It is self-calibrating, fail-safe, user-friendly and particularly simple in terms of conversion from imperial to metric, i.e. PSI to Bar.

Overall we are very satisfied with its performance."

John Bradley, Fleet Manager


"We are very impressed by the new PCL digital unit which is ideal for our new high quality mobile units, providing state of the art tyre inflation extremely quickly and accurately.

This allows our service engineers to get our customers safely back on the road more efficiently, whilst making our engineer available for next customer sooner.

The excellent service and training provided by PCL has also allowed us to swiftly implement and make the most of the new units."

Stuart Powell, Training Manager


"The digital inflators are much more time-efficient. Especially when we are doing 100-200 cars a day.

The PCL units have helped us speed up the whole process. Having a digital report is far superior to having someone write all the information down – plus we can prove to the customer that their tyres are accurately inflated and completely road-worthy by providing them with a receipt.

The performance and service, of both the units and the personnel providing training and support at PCL has been excellent."

Operations Manager


A partner company recommended PCL's digital inflators, so we decided to try one out for ourselves.

The D10's high levels of accuracy have enabled us to reassure our customers that our products meet all health & safety standards, and we have also increased testing efficiency, which in turn improves production rates.

We are extremely pleased with the results, both in terms of product performance and the smooth after sales service offered by PCL."

Simon Astil, Director

Myers Tire Supply

"We tested many digital inflators on the market and chose the ACCURA 1 because of the quality and accuracy of the product.

Before distributing, we tested it at customer locations and received positive feedback on the performance as well as the large digital display. Our original "trial" order was placed during the initial product launch but we then made a second order as demand had increased.

We are delighted to be working with PCL and have been impressed with the high quality of both the product and customer service."

Larry Edgell, Marketing Manager


"The change to PCL's digital unit has given us a greater level of control and an assurance that what is on the display is exactly what is going into the tyre.

Before that we were constantly having to secondary check, which was taking up more operator time. It's also good for our OEM customers to see, it reassures them that our tyre inflation is carried out using equipment with a high safety specification, providing the highest levels of accuracy. Our operators have also been impressed with how easy it is to use.

We chose the ACCURA 12 as we had already worked with PCL and the product suited our requirements. The price was superb, as was the service provided by PCL and their Technical Sales expert Brian Beech.

After our units were installed Brian made some modifications and the inflation rates dropped even more dramatically. The product is still performing well and has well exceeded our expectations."

Craig Addison, Operations Manager

Vulcan to the Sky

"We needed a lot of equipment to get the Vulcan back to full working order, and have had to be as economical as possible.

When it came to getting the tyre pressure gauge fixed we had been told by another company it wasn’t possible, so we decided to ask the original manufacturer, PCL – and they did it with no problem at all. Then, when we needed a higher range gauge after all, Brian saved us at the 11th hour with a brand new one.

Without it we would have had to defer the engine test, and therefore our progress with getting the Vulcan ready for displays. Brian and PCL have been extremely helpful and we are very grateful for their support. With a project of this magnitude it really is a case of every little helps."

Colin Marshall, Logistics Manager for the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, the campaign group responsible for getting the Avro Vulcan Bomber XH558 back the skies