PCL helps Glasgow City Council put pressure on Tyre Safety following fatal accident

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL helps Glasgow City Council put pressure on Tyre Safety following fatal accident

Sheffield-based tyre inflation expert PCL has provided Glasgow City Council with a safer solution for tyre maintenance on its Environmental Protection Services vehicles.

This followed reports being circulated in the industry about a fatal accident where a private sector employee was killed when a tyre blew out during inflation.

This prompted the council to look at enhancing safety procedures when its staff were taking tyre pressures as part of their vehicle checks.

PCL’s Brian Beech, in Technical Sales, was asked to recommend the best product to service the Council’s varied fleet of vehicles, including vans and lorries, at four city depots.

Brian recommended PCL’s ACCURA 10 wall-mounted gauge which is self-calibrating, fail-safe, and easy to use. He said: “Tyre inflation with the ACCURA 10 provides superior vehicle performance through greater safety, increased fuel economy and longer tyre life. Glasgow City Council employees were given training to enable them to maintain safety at the new higher levels supplied by the ACCURA 10.

“We also connected each of the four units with a reel to allow easy access to the council’s wide range of vehicles. The reel automatically retracts into the safety position after use leaving the area safe and tidy.

“All units are up and running smoothly now and we were delighted to have been able to provide Glasgow City Council with a safe, reliable and accurate solution, particularly in the aftermath of such a tragic event.”

The ACCURA 10 unit is amongst PCL’s innovative range of “menu-driven” driven products and encloses digital technology in a modern, die cast aluminium housing, offering repeatable accuracy. It offers reduced maintenance and lifecycle costs, increased fuel economy and increased safety. The attraction of the product is also its simplicity of use with the easy setting, the auto start, and the default to safe setting making it extremely easy to maximise the benefits of the unit.

Glasgow City Council’s Cleansing Operations Manager Hugh McKergow said: “The main factor in our choice of PCL’s ACCURA 10 was to make tyre inflation as safe as possible for our staff. Working in and around vehicles can be a high risk activity. Buying equipment with a high safety specification means we have significantly lowered the risk of an accident when inflating a tyre. This also ensures a safer vehicle on the road. The performance so far has been excellent and the staff feedback endorses that. Brian Beech and PCL responded quickly too when we had queries about installation or operation.”

PCL is committed to in-depth research and development to design and manufacture the world’s best tyre inflation equipment for maximum safety and fast, accurate and reliable tyre inflation.

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