PCL Partners Prime Parizon to supply Air Towers to oil & gas gaint PTT

Published 21 January 2020 in
PCL Partners Prime Parizon to supply Air Towers to oil & gas gaint PTT

PCL’s plan to re-energise the market in Thailand has got off to a flying start with a contract to supply Air Towers to PTT’s service stations via local distributor Prime Parizon.

As a supplier of products from the world’s leading manufacturers, Prime Parizon offers first class service and warranty expertise, making them the ideal partner for PCL, as both companies pride themselves on dedication to customer satisfaction.

The contract involves the installation of PCL’s bespoke Air Towers on state-run PTT’s service station forecourts. The newly designed units feature a stylish stainless-steel casing, with all components, from the housing through to the tyre inflator and hose, built for ease of use, reliability and long life.

PCL’s ability to customise products from their standard specification to suit individual customer requirements was a key factor in establishing a partnership with Prime Parizon and the latter’s success in securing the business with PTT.

“We designed this sleek and minimalistic-looking product especially for the Far East market,” said Export Business Development Manager, Jonathan Robinson. “It is a very low maintenance unit, so the design of the unit, combined with the service offering from Prime Parizon, makes it a favourable option for PTT.”

This is just the beginning of a long-term project in Thailand for PCL. Jonathan confirmed: “We have worked hard to bring the latest, bespoke solutions to oil companies, ensuring that all products meet requirements for their individual corporate look.”

Prime Parizon already has a proven track record of working successfully with PTT, including the supply of aviation fuelling equipment. Therefore they are delighted to have the opportunity to supply PCL’s tyre inflation solution, having studied their products for 12 months before promoting them.

Prime Parizon Sales Manager, Anusorn Iawpanich, said: “The quality of PCL’s tyre inflation products is excellent, and they worked closely with us to develop a bespoke specification to meet market requirements here in Thailand, resulting in a tailormade Air Tower and the ideal product offering to suit the end user.

“Once PCL’s product has been installed, we provide customers with a first class, reliable after sales service. All products come with a warranty, with all information and maintenance records accessible online. Should any issues arise, spare parts are stocked locally and available for delivery within two working days, with any repairs carried out within three working days.”

Prime Parizon aims to develop the market in Thailand by becoming the main supplier of PCL’s products to oil companies, as this will enable them to stock larger suppliers of spare parts, some calibration equipment, and also provide cost-effective annual check and maintenance packages.

Jonathan Robinson added: “The partnership between PCL and Prime Parizon means we can offer an unparalleled service to the market in Thailand, with a 24-hour turnaround for arranging service to maintenance request.  We are delighted to be working with Prime Parizon for PTT, and extremely excited about prospects for further development and success.”

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