PCL set to revolutionise the tyre fitting market by getting service providers mobile with nitrogen

Published 10 August 2015 in
PCL set to revolutionise the tyre fitting market by getting service providers mobile with nitrogen

PCL has opened up a whole new market for mobile tyre service providers by designing and engineering an innovative OEM nitrogen generation and inflation product that can be run from existing engine mounted on-board compressors.

This new small and lightweight system can be installed from manufacture or retro-fitted around all the existing equipment on-board and removes all the previous barriers to this market associated with conventional workshop Nitrogen generators.

And as the first UK tyre manufacturer to incorporate PCL’s unit on to its service vans, tyre manufacturer Bridgestone is excited about the opportunities this will bring for fleets and commercial vehicles.

Prior to the release of PCL’s bespoke vehicle-installed tyre inflation unit, mobile operators could not access a nitrogen inflation service, and were restricted to providing compressed air on the road. Now that PCL has designed, tested and built a tailor-made product, nitrogen inflation can be delivered anywhere to almost any tyre size from passenger car to OTR, whatever their location with different flow rate systems to suit each tyre application.

Bridgestone is a dynamic and forwarding-thinking company, and was therefore keen to upgrade its entire Total Tyre Care offering for fleets with the addition of a PCL mobile nitrogen inflation service for commercial vehicles – which are now standard equipment on all new Bridgestone audit service vans fleet.

Bridgestone Partner Manager Paul Sheehan said: “Using nitrogen as an alternative to compressed air is proven to increase tyre life because the correct pressure is maintained for longer, thereby increasing performance of the tyres, including reduced wear and increased fuel economy. Tyre inflation, wear and eventual fuel economy figures will improve as a result of the nitrogen provision, and Bridgestone has reported interest in the service from existing and potential major fleet customers.

“We are really excited to be able to offer a mobile nitrogen inflation option to Bridgestone fleet customers and are confident that interest will be high.”

As an expert manufacturer of world-leading tyre inflation equipment, PCL has the knowledge and ability to provide completely tailored solutions, and the understanding to develop a solution for each individual customer.

Olly Shortland, Product Manager for PCL, said: “We see our mobile nitrogen solution with Bridgestone as a big breakthrough in the mobile tyre fitting market. We are confident that other mobile service operators will really see the benefit of this system in a number of ways, and as an expert provider of this unbeatable bespoke solution, we believe PCL is set to revolutionise the mobile tyre fitting market with these innovative systems.”

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