PCL shows Honda the power of pressure

Published 04 March 2013 in
PCL shows Honda the power of pressure

Previously, Honda’s distribution centre used a calibrated handheld gauge, meaning pressure reports had to be handwritten – which was time-consuming and couldn’t guarantee accuracy.

So the operation had six of PCL’s ACCURA D10 digital units installed, and these are now providing a high performance tyre inflation service during pre-delivery inspection tests, and servicing.

Each unit is also linked to a printer which produces a “receipt” detailing the pressure of each vehicle’s tyres, confirming their accuracy to the customer.

The innovative “menu-driven” D10 unit encloses digital technology in a modern, die cast aluminium housing, offering repeatable accuracy. It provides reduced maintenance and lifecycle costs, increased fuel economy and increased safety. The attraction of the product is also its simplicity of use with the easy setting, auto start, and default to safe setting, which all make it very straightforward to maximise the benefits of the unit.

Therefore the D10 wall-mounted units were ideal for Honda, who are renowned for the manufacture of trouble free cars designed to “make life easy” for customers.

“The digital inflators are much more time-efficient,” said a spokesperson. “Especially when we are doing 100-200 cars a day. The PCL units have helped us speed up the whole process. Having a digital report is far superior to having someone write all the information down – plus we can prove to the customer that their tyres are accurately inflated and completely road-worthy by providing them with a receipt.

“The performance and service, of both the units and the personnel providing training and support at PCL has been excellent.”

For Honda, Power of Dreams, PCL has removed the nightmare of inaccurate, time-consuming tyre inflation and replaced it with hi-tech equipment guaranteeing maximum safety, accuracy and reliability.

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