PCL Tyre inflators increase production for Wheel Solutions

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL Tyre inflators increase production for Wheel Solutions

PCL’s world-leading digital inflation kits have increased production by up to 15% on Wheel Solutions’ assembly line.

Safe and fast inflation is vital to Wheel Solution’s reputation as a market-leading importer and supplier of wheels and tyres for the turf, agricultural, trailer, caravan, mobile home, materials handling, plant and construction industries throughout the UK and Europe.

With 5 fitters on 5 machines, putting out 5,000 assemblies a week, PCL’s ACCURA 12 electronic range offer the ideal solution for speeding up the production line.

Perfect for professional tyre applications where automatic, accurate and rapid tyre inflation are a pre-requisite to reduced tyre fitting cycle times, ACCURA units provide increased operator availability, improved safety and greater customer service. Models available include the ACCURA 12, and PCL recommended five of the wall-mounted version with remote control option.

PCL’s Brian Beech, in Technical Sales, explained: “Speed was a key factor for Wheel Solutions and the ACCURA range has many time-saving features. To enhance this we linked a number of the units to a tailor-made remote control, which is suspended above the inflation station to save the operator time setting them up. We are pleased that the results have been so effective in terms of increasing throughput.”

Wheel Solutions also opted for PCL’s recently launched ACCURA 1 – a lightweight yet robust, electronic handheld unit with a user-friendly, digital display. The ACCURA 1 is specially designed to meet even the strict German approvals and breaks the mould for handheld units, merging ease of use and readability with rapid, safe and cost effective tyre inflation.

Wheel Solutions Operations Manager, Chris Hearne, is delighted with both product performance and the service and training provided by PCL: “Our customers are predominately UK and European-based and we needed the best products available on the market for safety and fast inflation – so we went to PCL.

“They are a fantastic company and the service is superb, products are supplied next day and training is provided in-house at Wheel Solutions. We have an excellent working relationship with them and Brian Beech ensured we had the ideal products for standardising our inflation operation and bringing everything up to date.

“Electronic inflation is much more accurate, you know exactly what you’re putting in the tyres and can increase the flow to speed up production – and all within the health and safety spectrum.

“In short, we were looking for premium products combined with cost saving and we found it with PCL.”

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