PCL’s ACCURA 1 – “The world’s finest tire inflation gauge”

Published 12 September 2012 in
PCL’s ACCURA 1 – “The world’s finest tire inflation gauge”

US automotive repair company AGCO , Baton Rouge, LA, is so impressed with the performance of PCL’s market-leading ACCURA 1 digital tire inflation gauge they have named it the world’s finest and most accurate tire inflation gauge available.

The accolade appears on AGCO’s website along with glowing reports from clients of PCL’s new distributor in America, who have replaced their entire stock of original gauges with the ACCURA 1.

AGCO comments: “Testing is complete and we could not be happier with the new PCL Accura 1 digital tire pressure gauge. Over the years we have tested a great many commercially available tire pressure gauges. Most were not accurate enough or did not repeat their readings consistently. Finally we decided to build our own air pressure gauges using test quality instruments. These worked great, but were difficult to build and fragile.

“The answer for our search was finally found in the PCL Air Technology, Accura 1 digital tire pressure gauge. These gauges are manufactured in Sheffield, England, and in our opinion are the most accurate tire pressure gauges in the world.”

AGCO sells to both businesses and the general public, with both equally impressed with ACCURA 1. One, Nancy Whittington, describes the tire gauge as awesome, and says: “The price is well worth it coupled with the fact that you do not have to keep plugging and unplugging the gauge to figure out how much pressure is in the tire.”

Meanwhile Mike and Regina Viator of VCI Automotive state: “The “PCL” gauge has surpassed even what we thought would be possible. The unit amazingly has retained its accuracy through months of service. I would confidently recommend this “PCL” tire gauge to anyone who is interested in setting inflation on passenger and light truck tires correctly.”

PCL is delighted with this feedback for ACCURA 1, which breaks the mould for handheld units, merging ease of use and readability with rapid, safe and cost-effective tire inflation.

Suitable for tireshops, garages, car dealers and transport terminals, ACCURA 1 is widely accepted as the best product available for measuring and checking digital Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).

David Fred, Sales Manager PCL America said: “As a company dedicated to developing high quality products backed up by excellent service we are very proud of ACCURA 1 and its proven ability to provide accurate and reliable tire inflation. We are pleased that, via reputable companies such as AGCO, ACCURA 1 is becoming recognised and appreciated in the US. It’s great to have AGCO on board as we continue to expand throughout the US.”

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