PCL’s digital inflator gives STARCO performance

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL’s digital inflator gives STARCO performance

PCL’s electronic inflator ACCURA 12 has received rave reviews from the Stafford base of Europe’s leading tyre and wheel supplier STARCO.

Operators in the fitting area were previously using manual gauges on fitted machines, which proved time-consuming not just to inflate the tyres but to make continuous checks for accuracy.

After ordering 8 wall-mounted ACCURA 12 inflation units there has been a significant improvement in tyre inflation times, with one particular assembly having its inflation time reduced from 15 minutes 34 seconds to 4 minutes 26 seconds. They have seen a clear and definite improvement across the board in inflation times, and this is enabling STARCO to improve output and efficiency.

Operations Manager Craig Addison said: “The change to PCL’s digital unit has given us a greater level of control and an assurance that what is on the display is exactly what is going into the tyre. Before that we were constantly having to secondary check, which was taking up more operator time.

“It’s also good for our OEM customers to see, it reassures them that our tyre inflation is carried out using equipment with a high safety specification, providing the highest levels of accuracy.

“Our operators have also been impressed with how easy it is to use. We chose the ACCURA 12 as we had already worked with PCL and the product suited our requirements. The price was superb, as was the service provided by PCL and their Technical Sales expert Brian Beech.

“After our units were installed Brian made some modifications and the inflation rates dropped even more dramatically. The product is still performing well and has well exceeded our expectations.”

PCL’s ACCURA 12 provides a high flow variant with a greatly increased inflation speed, which is a major factor in increasing productivity. It allows inflation of up to 4 tyres simultaneously and offers repeatable accuracy. Which in turn means higher profits and increased safety and reliability.

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