PCL’s N2 Generators take on the big CATS in China

Published 29 January 2013 in
PCL’s N2 Generators take on the big CATS in China

PCL’s reputation for providing global tyre inflation solutions is spreading throughout Asia, with a big order from Caterpillar resulting from a search on the worldwide web.

Gary Chung, Plant Manager at the Tyre Assembly Plant for Caterpillar in the Suzhou District, needed to source an alternative method of using nitrogen to replace the expensive bottles previously used at the plant.

Some on-line research led him to PCL Trading (Shanghai) Co Ltd and their N2 generators – and what started off with a click has led to a successful business relationship between two companies.

Caterpillar has a worldwide policy on CAT product sales which stipulates that tyres must contain nitrogen. The company’s tyre assembly plant in Suzhou District is responsible for assembling the various sizes of OTR tyres to the rims. They are inflated with nitrogen, checked for pressure accuracy, then delivered to the main CAT product assembly plants, mainly in China but also in the rest of the world. With such a huge operation, the plant was in need of more cost-effective and accurate nitrogen generation and inflation solution.


Robert Wang, General Manager PCL China, responded to Gary Chung’s enquiry, and developed a three work station solution for CAT covering each of plant’s main tyre sizes. The smallest unit he recommended was a standard N6 inflator generator and cage, the next was two linked N6 units with a larger cage, and finally a large unit comprising three linked N6 units and cage.

Gary Chung said: “We are very impressed with the system as the solution developed is ideal for our requirements for accuracy, low pressure and high volume, with inflation time not the major constraint. Replacing the expensive bottles we were previously using with PCL’s N2 has provided us with huge cost savings. As a result a follow on order is scheduled for a new plant which is being commissioned next year, and the CAT assembly manager is actively recommending PCLCT to end-user customers for on-going maintenance of nitrogen.”

Robert Wang said: “I am very proud of the relationship and business PCLCT has developed with Caterpillar. I believe that this experience has been an important learning curve which will be useful in other PCL markets and shows our capability to develop new solutions for this important and testing market.”

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