As we ease our way out of lockdown, the health and safety of our employees and the communities we serve, including our customers, partners, prospects, and suppliers, remains PCL’s priority.

This is a difficult time for us all, with families and businesses facing their own individual set of circumstances and challenges. We continue to approach this situation with empathy, understanding and expediency, with the aim of providing support wherever we can.

We remain committed to the well-being of our team and to supporting our customers and suppliers as the wheels of industry begin to turn, adhering at all times to Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidelines.


Please find below a guide to measures we have introduced since lockdown, along with information to help you navigate the road to recovery and beyond.

Please stay safe and remember that PCL is committed to supporting you at every step of the journey on the road to recovery.


Protecting our team

  • Protecting our team

    Full COVID Risk Assessments and Safe Operating Practices (SOPs) have been put in place for all areas including the factory, offices and remote working:

    • All staff that can work at home will continue to do so indefinitely, or with team members operating on a rotational basis between home and office as demand and Government advice changes.
    • We have kept in regular contact with furloughed workers and those shielding to ensure their health and wellbeing, with return to work procedures implemented.
    • A ‘shift system’ has been introduced for our production team, ensuring requirements can be met whilst limiting contact with other team members.
    • Cleaning, handwashing and hygiene practices are in place in line with Government advice.
    • PPE is fully available and installed in the Sheffield facility.
    • 2m distance guidance is in place for all areas of the Sheffield HQ. Where 2m is not appropriate, all measures to reduce and manage transmission risk have been introduced. Guidance has been given for movement around the building, including giving way to others on stairs, not crossing, and keeping to the left and face away when passing.
    • Employees are advised to report any unsafe conditions to their manager. First Aid cover is available but may be restricted.
    • In the case of emergency / evacuation, one way and no entry signs should be ignored, everyone should use their nearest safe exit as normal and proceed to the collection point.

Stock and supply

  • Stock and supply

    Our supply chain and courier service are functioning with no major disruption and PCL’s high-quality manufacturing continues in the UK. PCL’s Sheffield facility is up and running and fully functional, supporting ongoing customer requirements both at home and worldwide from our UK base. Meanwhile our sister companies in Germany, the USA, China and India are set up to support.

    You can also use our Online Distributor Portal.

Sales and Technical support

  • Sales and Technical support

    As of 15th June, procedures have been put in place for our Sales and Service personnel to carry out visits in line with Government guidance and conduct meetings in a safe and controlled environment.

    All teams, including Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Purchasing and Engineering, are available to support you and can be contacted on their usual numbers.

    If you need a visit, please contact us.

Ongoing product development

  • Ongoing product development

    PCL’s Engineering team continue to work from home or, where necessary, in the design area in order to support ongoing product development and support customer needs safely and securely.

Strengthening PCL’s workforce

  • Strengthening PCL’s workforce

    PCL has continued to operate throughout the pandemic, and we are extremely happy to confirm that we continue to develop our workforce. Not only have we been able to support our existing team, we have also introduced new starters to our sales and buying teams, and also to our board of directors.

Personalised customer service

  • Personalised customer service

    PCL is fortunate to have a loyal and dedicated workforce, all of whom have the same ethic of supporting each other, our customers, partners and the community with empathy and understanding during these unprecedented and difficult times.

    Our sales team is ready and waiting to help you, whether this is through development meetings or discussing extended payment terms. Our goal is to help you get going again, working together to formulate strategies for recovery and substantial long-term growth. Where visits are not possible, we can organise “face to face” meetings via online platforms including Microsoft Teams, and hold ongoing conversations via telephone, email and WhatsApp.

Staying connected

  • Staying connected

    PCL will continue to review the situation in line with Government timescales, providing updates and announcements through email, our websites and social media channels.

    COVID19 has impacted countries across the globe in different ways and we are all at different stages. However we are all in this together, and with this in mind we have shared messages on social media from HORNGROUP companies around the world, including our sister company from the other side of the Atlantic, TECALEMIT INC.

    We will all continue to update you on how we are responding to the current crisis.

How can we help?

  • How can we help?

    We thank you for your patience and understanding and remain fully committed to supporting your organisation both now, and in the future. Please contact us if you have concerns or would like to share ways in which we can help you better.