Is it true that nitrogen tyre inflation will improve a vehicle’s handling, fuel efficiency and tyre life?

Published 10 December 2015 in

Not directly, no.

High purity nitrogen has been used for decades in Nascar, Formula One, the Tour de France, the US Military, and many other applications where safety, speed and economy are vital – so you would think the answer would be yes.

However, it’s accurate tyre pressure which makes the difference, and nitrogen can help maintain this for longer periods of time.

Nitrogen does offer an advantage of its own over air. Air includes a small percentage of water which will corrode your wheels once it’s inside your tyres. Therefore using pure nitrogen will remove moisture which may lead to corrosion – and pressure change.

There are therefore two benefits of nitrogen which will help maintain your accurate tyre pressure for longer – and it is the latter which results in modest savings in fuel and tyre life.

If you decide to try nitrogen your tyres will need filling and purging several times in succession to completely remove air from your tyres, which can be time consuming. PCL’s ACCURA Mobile allows the operator to preset the pressure for a standard inflation top-up, or a purge and fill, so that they can get on with alternative work whilst tyres are inflating.

Once this has been done, do not expect to feel any significant difference unless your tyre pressure was seriously inaccurate before you changed to nitrogen. You may eventually notice some savings in fuel and maintenance costs but remember – this is due to accurate tyre pressure and nitrogen’s ability to help keep it constant.