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Document Number OBNPCL1104 – 13 July 2011

This is the official notification that PCL is discontinuing the FP4H02/2 & FP7H02/2 range of Footpumps. This notification provides information on the affected items, the important dates and the end-of-life purchase information.

Part Numbers to be discontinued:

Replacement Part Numbers:

Product Sales Obsolete Date (Last Production Date):
Discontinued with immediate effect

2 comment on “Footpumps”

  1. Frank Rutter says:

    Hello, I am looking for a replacement piston seal for my (excellent/ too good to waste) PCL emperor mk 2 footpump, from 1980s? (it was leather..) If not available, any info :- ie where sourced, alternatives – poss rubber? would be much appreciated.

    1. Hello Frank,

      Thanks for the comment and I am pleased to hear you still have one of our footpumps from the 1980’s.

      Unfortunately the leather seals are no longer available from our supplier or ourselves. You could try using your old seal as a template and reclaiming some leather from an old bag. Soaking the leather in oil for a few days before using in the footpump should help things.

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