Jubilee ® ‘O’ Clips

Published 28 February 2017 in
Jubilee ® ‘O’ Clips

Document Number OBNPCL1702 – 28 February 2017

This is the official notification that Pneumatic Components Ltd is discontinuing certain variants of the Jubilee ® ‘O’ Clips. This notification provides information on the affected items, the important dates and the end-of-life purchase information.

Part Numbers to be discontinued:

OC0811 – 8-11mm Jubilee ® ‘O’ Clips

OC1619 – 16-19mm Jubilee ® ‘O’ Clips

OC2731 – 27-31mm Jubilee ® ‘O’ Clips

Replacement Part Numbers:

Other Jubilee ® ‘O’ Clips available in various sizes.

Product Sales Obsolete Date:

Discontinued when current stocks are exhausted.

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