Tyre Safety Packs

Published 08 June 2010 in
Tyre Safety Packs

Document Number OBNPCL1008 – 8 June 2010

This is the official notification that PCL is discontinuing the TSP1T05 & TSP20T03 Tyre Safety Packs. This notification provides information on the affected items, the important dates and the end-of-life purchase information.

Part Numbers to be discontinued:

Replacement Part Numbers:

Product Sales Obsolete Date (Last Production Date):
Last buy date 8 June 2010, including spares with immediate effect.

2 comment on “Tyre Safety Packs”

  1. Adil Zayani says:

    PCL TSP 1T15 was a recent Auto Express Best Buy. Yet according to your site it has been discontinued.. Do you have an explanation? Thanks.

    1. Hello Adil,

      Our TSP1T15 is available and details can be found here

      We are very proud to have been awarded this Best Buy from Auto Express.

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