Design expert goes back to the future

Published 04 February 2013 in
Design expert goes back to the future

Eric Renshaw, who created the Pavement Gauge at PCL in 1958, returned to see how the product is faring 50 years on – and was delighted to discover it had stood the test of time.

The product is still running well and, apart from a few modern tweaks, maintains its original appearance and is a popular piece of retro-look kit amongst customers.

In fact, even though it has been replaced in the UK with PCL’s hi-tech electronic and mechanical equipment, it is still favoured in a number of European markets where it is well-reputed for ease of use and accuracy.

Eric also brought in his own 1958 PCL tyre pressure gauge for testing and found it to be in fine working order with excellent levels of accuracy.

Director Simon Shorter said: “It was great to meet Eric and talk about how PCL and its products have evolved over the last 50 years, transforming us from a small manufacturing company founded in 1938, into a dynamic market-leading company exporting the industry’s most up-to-date equipment to over 60 countries, with a worldwide network of agents and distributors.

“Eric was fascinated by both the latest developments in tyre inflation and the current levels of production, and was pleased to see that, despite our continually expanding product range, we place great importance on maintaining and updating our quality timeless classics, running them alongside our high-tech portfolios.”

PCL’s products are now a familiar sight in garage forecourts, tyreshops and engineering workshops throughout the world, and the company is becoming increasingly well known as an international expert in tyre inflation and air distribution technology.

Simon added: “It is innovative designers like Eric who have helped establish PCL as an industry leader and placed us on the worldwide map.

“Now, as then, “quality” and “reliability” are our watchwords for product development. We remain committed to building on our hard-fought reputation for design and high standards which, although some may see as traditional, we value as key to a dynamic business like ours.”

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