PCL brings a “Mini” workshop to Reifen 2008

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL brings a “Mini” workshop to Reifen 2008

Taking centre stage is an old-style mini whose tyres will be used to demonstrate PCL’s comprehensive range of tyre inflators.

Favourites at the starting post for 2008 are the user-friendlyACCURA 1 electronic handheld inflator and ACCURA Mobile.

ACCURA 1 is the leading handheld unit of its kind to have passed the strict German PTB approvals. It breaks the mould for handheld units, merging ease of use and readability with rapid, safe and cost-effective tyre inflation, and is becoming widely accepted as the best product available for measuring and checking digital Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).

ACCURA Mobile is the very latest technology in high performance nitrogen tyre inflation, and is ideal for tyre shops, workshops, car dealerships, transport depots and motor racing applications.

Operated with either an industry standard bottle, or direct from a nitrogen generator, the unit allows the operator to preset the pressure for either a standard inflation top up, or an N2 function for a purge and fill cycle.

Equipped to inflate up to 6 tyres simultaneously, it is so reliable and accurate that it enables the operator to securely get on with alternative work whilst the tyre is inflating, saving time and money.

Another must-see at Reifen is the recently released ACCURA Compact, PCL’s most simple electronic tyre inflator to date, designed to offer the simplest, safest, most accurate means of tyre inflation within a space-saving and cost-effective, lightweight design.

Other products on show include: AirForce, PCL’s brand new generation of mechanical inflators; theACCURA 10 Forecourt range, which includes the ACCURA A10 with analogue dial; and the ACCURA 12 Tyreshop electronic unit.

PCL’s products feature the best and most select range of functionality and bespoke features whilst maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and reliability, and are backed up by a sales and support service and international distributor network.

So take a “Mini” adventure at Reifen and see why PCL’s top quality inflation products give competitors such a run for their money.

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