PCL calls for Law to inforce accurate tyre pressure and maintenance of inflators

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL calls for Law to inforce accurate tyre pressure and maintenance of inflators

PCL’s latest step in its on-going campaign follows a damning report published in motoring magazine Auto Express, detailing a survey it carried out in conjunction with the RAC. The article revealed that out of 80 petrol forecourts checked, 39 had inflators which did not provide accurate inflation pressures, with 19% of them out of order.

The Sunday Mirror also ran a story on the report stating that 40% of tyre gauges at petrol stations are faulty, “either broken or giving out wrong readings,” warning that there were almost 1,000 accidents and 43 people killed in 2006 as a direct result of wrongly-inflated tyres.

PCL’s “Made in Sheffield” products are a familiar sight in garage forecourts, tyre shops and engineering workshops throughout the UK. As a world-leading provider of high quality, reliable and cost-effective equipment for fast and accurate tyre inflation, PCL is committed to educating motorists about why tyre maintenance is vital to road safety, whilst developing new products and services to make this easier.

Last year PCL became the first non-tyre company or retailer to join Tyresafe, a not for profit, non-commercial organisation set up to keep drivers safe. Therefore these reports have highlighted an issue that PCL is determined to keep in the public spotlight and is actively working to solve.

The shocking results of spot-checks carried out during the AutoExpress survey, revealed that many motorists admitted to failing to check their tyre pressures for over a year. Add this to the fact that more than a third had at least one tyre inaccurately inflated by 50% or more, and PCL Director Simon Shorter felt compelled to speak out.

He said: “Drivers’ lives, and those of their passengers, are reliant on the condition of their tyres, and as supplier of tyre inflation equipment we feel it is PCL’s duty to provide reminders and advice about tyre inflation and why it is critical to road safety.

“There is an old saying that “A workman is only as good as his tools,” and there is a good degree of truth in it, which is why we manufacture our products to the highest quality standards, focusing on accuracy, safety and reliability.

“We would also recommend that the highest specification of equipment is used on petrol forecourts to avoid the risk of usage errors from a non-professional user base. This is a contributory factor in the move to electronic forecourt products with PCL’s ACCURA range.

“However, it remains crucial that the equipment is well-maintained to accurate levels of factory calibrations in order for them to do the job correctly over a sustained period of time, and we cannot stress enough the importance of having the systems regularly serviced. “We also want to make the public aware that not only do correct tyre pressures reduce accidents but they also reduce tyre wear and fuel consumption – saving money and protecting the environment. Indeed the subject of correct tyre pressure is a core part of the Government’s ACT ON CO2 campaign.

“In order to make people sit up and take notice we feel that legislation is needed to ensure that these issues are addressed.

“Therefore we are committed to driving the message home to the public, forecourt managers, and all those concerned with tyres – not to mention the Government – that accurate tyre pressure is of the utmost importance and maintenance is absolutely critical to achieving this.

“Tyre gauges should be treated with respect, after all our lives depend on them.”

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