PCL forms rock solid alliance with Lafarge thanks to Accura digital tyre inflator

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL forms rock solid alliance with Lafarge thanks to Accura digital tyre inflator

PCL is helping shower pump specialist Salamander Pumps improve production with the small but speedy ACCURA Compact.

Sunderland-based Salamander provides products for showers, bathrooms and whole house, in domestic and small, commercial, gravity-fed plumbing systems.

PCL has cemented its relationship with concrete giant Lafarge by providing one of its UK operations with a high pressure tyre inflation unit for its garage.

Whitwell Quarry in Worksop, which manufactures Ready Mix and Crushed Rock, was in need of a high performance, heavy duty replacement for its original kit, which was broken.

With its user friendly design and ability to withstand intensive outdoor applications, PCL’s ACCURA 10 offered the ideal solution.

The ACCURA 10 is the safest and most simple means of tyre inflation, allowing the operator to preset the required pressure, place the connector on the tyre – and let the in-built auto-start function do the rest.

It offers straight-forward installation and longer life, and its durable ceramic sensor allows extremely precise measurements, with tolerances well above the industry standard EC 86/217.

This made the ACCURA 10 the ideal product for the inflation of earth-mover gas suspension units on Whitwell’s Aveling Barford machines.

“PCL’s ACCURA 10 is exactly right for the usage we require,” said Whitwell’s Garage Foreman, Graeme Stone. “We have never had any problems with performance and its best feature by far is that you can use the screw down chuck on your own, so taking away the need for two people.”

Whitwell Quarry is owned by Lafarge Aggregates & Concrete UK, part of the Lafarge Group, reputed worldwide for technical excellence, innovation and ability to meet the needs of its customers. Lafarge places great focus on environmentally friendly operations, from quarry restoration, to recycling and alternative transport. Meanwhile, Aveling Barford’s construction equipment has been used across the globe for 150 years and, even though they are no longer being manufactured, many machines remain in service and represent the best of British design and manufacturing.

Therefore PCL is the perfect partner, with its “Made in Sheffield” products famed for quality and reliability, and now a familiar sight in garage forecourts, tyreshops and engineering workshops throughout the world.

The market-leading ACCURA range regularly receives excellent feedback due to its consistent and cost-effective provision of safe and accurate tyre inflation. The proven electronics and stable software mean low operating and maintenance costs, whilst the simple diagnostics offer excellent customisation and fault finding facilities.

Brian Beech, PCL’s Digital Technical Sales Manager, said: “Our ACCURA 10 gives operators every feature and benefit needed for first class inflation – which enables operations such as Whitwell Quarry to rapidly reap the rewards of lower costs and increased safety and production.”

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