PCL helps Harley Davidson dealerships provide a Super Ride with ACCURA Mobile

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL helps Harley Davidson dealerships provide a Super Ride with ACCURA Mobile

PCL’s ACCURA Mobile nitrogen tyre inflation unit is fast-tracking its way to global success as Harley Davidson distributors in the US declare it the safer choice for bikers.

Users are impressed with its performance and reliability, citing the best features as size and the automatic purge and fill function.

Harley Davidson distributors across the US opted for PCL’s mobile cart as a nitrogen replacement solution when they stopped using compressed air for motorcycle tyre inflation.

The units are supplied via Baltimore-based Industrial Diagnostics, whose President, Jason Copeland, said: “The Harley Davidson distributors want to offer the benefit of nitrogen, while increasing their revenue and customer retention. They chose the PCL cart, and the option of buying compressed nitrogen instead of generating nitrogen for three main reasons.

“First, motorcycles generally have two smaller tyres compared to cars and trucks; therefore a tank of high pressure nitrogen fills more than 35 motorcycles compared to only 10 to 14 cars or trucks.

“Second, the PCL cart and a high pressure nitrogen bottle are far less expensive than a nitrogen generator.

“Third, the cart is small, portable, and easy to use – and far superior to the competitor product because it is more durable, lighter weight, less expensive, and can be plugged into an electric outlet if the battery isn’t charged. With the competitor’s cart, the inflator microprocessor needs to be reprogrammed and cannot be used unless the battery has sufficient charge even while plugged into the wall.

“Overall, the PCL cart offers the best all round solution for tyre inflation – so it’s a safer choice for bikers.”

Mr Copeland also commented on feedback from a Service Manager at a large Harley Davidson distributor, who was impressed with both the product and the technical support and after sales service. Mr Copeland said: “He received training along with a few service advisors, and as a result they and the technicians understand how to use the product and educate customers on the benefits.”

Mike Dolinger, MD at Harley Davidson of Annapolis, introduced its Nitrogen Replacement Program in order to provide another valued added service to the dealership and make it stand out from the crowd, and PCL’s ACCURA Mobile has been the ideal equipment to implement it.

He said: “The equipment’s been really easy to use. Basically everything is so simple, there haven’t been any issues. We keep it on charge, it works great. We did a couple of trial runs on some vehicles we had to make sure we knew exactly what we were doing, and it’s really been trouble free.”

PCL’s ACCURA Mobile Nitrogen Tyre Inflator is the simplest, fastest and most accurate way for nitrogen providers to deliver a cost-effective and flexible service to their customers.

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