PCL helps Salamander put the power into shower

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL helps Salamander put the power into shower

PCL is helping shower pump specialist Salamander Pumps improve production with the small but speedy ACCURA Compact.

Sunderland-based Salamander provides products for showers, bathrooms and whole house, in domestic and small, commercial, gravity-fed plumbing systems.

Salamander also operates Pumpwise, a service which gives their customers free technical advice on the correct shower pump for their application, and using this service affords the customer an extra years warranty-free.

The company was looking for a high performance product capable of setting accurate air pressure in the pressure vessels of its top of the range ESP water and shower pump range.

Salamander’s air tools distributor, Air Tools Northern Ltd, put them in touch with PCL – and their Digital Technical Sales Manager, Brian Beech recommended the ACCURA Compact as a simple, yet premium performance solution.

Patrick Hanson, Salamander’s Production Engineering and Assembly Manager, is impressed with the digital unit, which quickly proved itself by reducing assembly time as soon as it was installed.

Mr Hanson said: “The impact of the ACCURA Compact has been immediate and sustained, and our rework and reject levels have been reduced to negligible levels. We previously used a combination of a manual inflator and hand held calibrated pressure gauge. However it is essential that the pressures are as per our specification, therefore we needed a product that was capable of more accurate levels of inflation.

“The ACCURA Compact’s best features by far are reliability and accuracy. These, combined with its Poka Yoke to weed out borderline pressure vessel leaks, have enabled us to improve production.

“Meanwhile our staff are delighted with its user friendly design and are all happy and confident in using it. PCL have been supportive throughout and the training provided has been added to our skills matrix.”

The ACCURA Compact is PCL’s most simple electronic tyre inflator to date, and manages to combine a modern, user-friendly design with leading sensor technology, electronics and proprietary software in a tiny 10.04ins x 8.66ins footprint. Customers will find the robust engineering plastic design offers longer life and low maintenance, whilst the durable ceramic sensor enables extremely precise measurement, with tolerances well above the industry standard EC 86/217.

In a nutshell, the ACCURA Compact is specifically designed to offer the simplest, safest, most accurate means of tyre inflation within a space-saving and cost-effective, lightweight design.

The perfect product for Salamander’s Pumpwise pledge of providing customers with a quiet life and peace of mind.

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