PCL partners with Highways England for tyre safety events

Published 30 August 2018 in
PCL partners with Highways England for tyre safety events

Pneumatic Components (PCL), the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of pneumatic and tyre inflation systems, has partnered with Highways England in a series of tyre pressure safety events across England.

Held at motorway service stations, the events are designed to raise awareness of having correctly inflated tyres and highlight the potential consequences of over or under-inflated tyres.

Irene Stewart, Road Safety Engineer at Highways England, said: “Tyre-related incidents are a major problem on our motorway network and therefore it is critical that we get out there to raise awareness, and remind and encourage people to check the condition and pressure of their tyres on a regular basis.

“It’s alarming the sheer volume of people that think a slightly underinflated tyre won’t pose a problem, but combine this with other risk factors such as tread depth of less than 2mm, heavy rain, high winds or the need to quickly steer around an obstruction, and a vehicle’s handling and control can be so severely compromised that tragedy can, and unfortunately does, often ensue.”

PCL is using its world-leading, premium indoor and outdoor electronic tyre inflator, the ACCURA® MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator, at the events, to top up tyres that are found to be below vehicle manufacturer recommendations.

Olly Shortland, Business Development Manager at PCL, said: “It is a privilege to partner with Highways England to raise awareness of this important issue. As well as improving vehicle safety, having correctly inflated tyres also extends tyre lifespan and delivers savings on fuel consumption, so tyre pressures should be checked regularly, especially before heading off on a long journey with a fully-loaded vehicle. It only takes a few minutes and could ultimately save lives.”

Motorists are encouraged to consult their vehicle handbook for the correct loaded tyre pressure and reminded to check their tyre pressures on a regular basis.

Founded in 1938, and celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, PCL maintains a firm commitment to its roots and still manufactures from its 12,000m² production facility in Sheffield – the home of engineering excellence. The business is proud to display the city’s prestigious mark of quality and excellence on its ‘Made in Sheffield’ products.

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