PCL proud to help tyre giant ATS Euromaster expand with Nitrogen

Published 25 August 2014 in
PCL proud to help tyre giant ATS Euromaster expand with Nitrogen

Tyre inflation expert PCL is delighted to have supplied ATS Euromaster, part of the Michelin Group, with top quality inflation and nitrogen equipment as the nationwide tyre retailer invests heavily in its operation.

With a network of 380 service centres across the UK, ATS sells and services tyres, offering fast fit products and services.

Over the last two years the company has reported a ‘record period of investment’ with £4 million already spent on service and network enhancements, and a further £6 million planned for its UK fast-fit network.

New services being introduced include nitrogen tyre inflation, a service for which PCL has provided high quality and advanced, top of the range equipment.

ATS is well-known for its technical expertise and dedication to customer service, with reliability a key factor in its success as a trustworthy provider of service, maintenance and repair.

PCL is committed to the same business ethic, and is therefore the ideal partner for ATS. PCL’s global success is also underlined by its ability to ensure customers are equipped to meet the demands of new developments, such as the growing popularity of Nitrogen as a replacement for Air, and has therefore been able to ensure that ATS can offer its customers the most reliable and cost-effective nitrogen solutions available on the market.

PCL’s range including the dynamic duo – the N2 Generator and Inflator, combining the latest in high performance nitrogen generation with leading inflation technology – is now an international favourite as a top end nitrogen solution. As with all PCL products, these two units are simple, fast and reliable, bringing both cost-savings and revenue opportunities to users in the tyre service industry.

These two products are complement by the Nitrogen Analyzer, which shows the percentage of nitrogen in tyres, and the ACCURA Mobile, a space-saving solution for nitrogen and air inflation in tyre shops, workshops, car dealerships, and transport depots with the ability to work with a nitrogen generator or a nitrogen bottle.

PCL Director Pete McCall said: “We are extremely proud to be supporting ATS Euromaster’s growth by supplying them with equipment that is truly fit for the future. Our comprehensive range includes a tyre inflation solution for every level of service, from multi-function inflation solutions for cars, buses and trucks, through to digital and heavy duty inflators, as well as nitrogen applications for tyre shops.

“We are delighted that ATS has chosen PCL over other brands. Using PCL’s inflation equipment can help to reduce tyre wear, increase fuel economy, and increase safety for the end-user while providing a revenue opportunity for the service provider and both contributing to reducing CO2 and helping the environment”

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