PCL raises vital funds for causes at home and abroad

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL raises vital funds for causes at home and abroad

PCL prides itself on providing an expert service tailored to meet local needs throughout the world, whilst maintaining loyal to its roots in Sheffield.

So it’s no surprise that this ethic is reflected in fundraising efforts by staff, with recent projects at home and abroad spearheaded by Operations Director Paul Hallam.

Paul’s first campaign took him to the village of Mtwapa near Mombasa, Kenya, where he began a two-year drive to build a well for families there.

The African adventure began when Paul visited Kenya and saw the plight of 3,000 villagers who had no access to fresh water, and no means of paying the £2,000 it would cost to build a well.

On his return to PCL’s Sheffield HQ, Paul organised a bonus ball fundraiser on the shop floor, with some money going to the weekly winner, and some dropping into a well fund. Meanwhile Paul liaised with organisers in Kenya and insisted that workers from Mtwapa should be employed to build the well.

Paul travelled to Kenya twice to check on progress, and two years later the villagers had a brand new well on their doorstep.

He explained: “Previously the villagers had to walk six miles down the hillside to get water, and it was poor quality. Now they have access to fresh water which is clean and safe.”

It took three builders six months to build the 120ft well, which means that the labour funds also went back into the village. Paul said: “The well has a diameter of 10ft, and as the digging commenced it was lined with coral bricks until the coral shelf was reached. A hole was then made in the shelf to access the water, which is of excellent quality and pure.”

The well has a concrete structure at the side of it with a water tank fitted to the top, so water can be pumped from the well, and is available free of charge to the locals.

“The villagers are mainly farmers and their families, and their children can now fill their water bottles every day to take to school,” said Paul. We were very proud to see the finished well and know what a huge difference it has made to the villagers’ lives.”

With that project successfully completed, the fundraising has continued at home, and cash raised is currently going to Macmillan nurses.

Paul added: “As there are so many deserving any charities out there we also run a Christmas fundraiser where we raffle off gifts from suppliers, and the last person to win nominates a charity to receive the proceeds.

Anyone wanting to help or donate to these two charities can find out more information on and

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  1. Mohamed says:

    Please can u help me with a contact for any seller or distributor of pcl products in nairobi kenya.
    Wanted to buy air comptessors, tyre inflators and tyre connectors

    1. Hello Mohamed,

      I have sent your details to our sales representative and he will be in contact with you soon.

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