PCL teams up with WYCO to bring advanced nitrogen inflation products to Spain

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL teams up with WYCO to bring advanced nitrogen inflation products to Spain

Global tyre inflation expert PCL has teamed up with WYCO to supply Spanish garages, forecourts and workshops with advanced equipment for nitrogen tyre inflation.

As a reputable distributor and installer of products for garage and service stations throughout Spain, WYCO is the perfect partner for PCL’s drive to conquer the market for nitrogen inflation equipment.

With demand for nitrogen inflation fast gaining popularity worldwide, PCL already has its finger on the pulse with a market-leading range of advanced, tried and tested products.

Combining the latest in high performance nitrogen generation with leading inflation technology, PCL’s portfolio includes:

  • The N2 Generator and N2 Inflator, providing an excellent source of revenue for both N2 fill and Air to N2 Conversion for up to 4 tyres.
  • The Nitrogen Analyzer – a rugged and ergonomically designed piece of equipment which can read the actual percentage of nitrogen in your tyres.
  • ACCURA Mobile, the very latest technology in high performance nitrogen tyre inflation, the N2 cart can inflated up to 6 tyres simultaneously.

WYCO will also distribute PCL’s world-renowned preset digital inflators, including the D11, 12, and 13. Offering guaranteed accuracy, and meeting the demands of busy tyreshops, these units feature automatic inflation cycles – releasing the operator to perform other tasks while inflating. Meanwhile higher speed and multi-tyre variants can substantially increase productivity.

As well as distributing products to Spanish customers, WYCO will also provide dedicated technical support, acting as the local point of contact on behalf of PCL.

PCL’s Manager for Spain, Gustavo Marques, is delighted to have formed such a strong alliance with WYCO, and is confident that the partnership will prove a success.

He said: “WYCO’s engineers have already received expert training on nitrogen products, and are now fully equipped to sell and service them, as well as provide the highest levels of after-sales and technical support to customers for which PCL is renowned.

We look forward to working with WYCO to bring the benefits of nitrogen inflation to the Spanish market, enabling customers to increase productivity and profit, by providing end users with improved safety and tyre life, and decreased fuel consumption.

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