PCL’s ACCURA QUBE and Air Tools top the bill at REIFEN 2012

Published 17 July 2013 in
PCL’s ACCURA QUBE and Air Tools top the bill at REIFEN 2012

PCL showed how thinking INSIDE the box can reap big rewards, with demonstrations of its small yet innovative ACCURA QUBE inflator proving a huge success at REIFEN.

ACCURA QUBE is PCL’s most simple electronic tyre inflator to date, designed to offer the simplest, safest, most accurate means of cost-effective tyre inflation within a space-saving design.

This neat unit took centre stage at the PCL stand, with the supporting act, PCL’s comprehensive range of air tools, also receiving rave reviews. This huge and advanced collection includes the standard range of 40 air tools, including all common equipment, from impact wrenches and ratchets, to sanders and grinding tools. Recently extended from 17 products, the enhanced range includes new designs whilst retaining the old faithfuls which have become tried and tested favourites amongst customers.

Those looking for an even more polished act were introduced to the lightweight Prestige Air Tools range, which comprises 11 products, featuring low vibration, low noise, ergonomic grip and higher performance, to help the user perform jobs more efficiently and in greater comfort.

The air tools range also includes a mini set of die grinders, sanders and ratchets. Ideal for getting into tight spots which are unreachable with standard-sized, or difficult-to-operate conventional hand tools, PCL’s Mini Air Tools offer the same outstanding performance and quality as all products in its ever-expanding air tools portfolio.

Visitors to REIFEN were also treated to performances of:

  • The ACCURA 1 electronic handheld inflator, the only one of its kind to have passed the strict German PTB approvals.
  • The AirForce, PCL’s generation of mechanical inflators featuring an analogue dial.
  • The ACCURA 12 Tyreshop electronic unit, specially designed for tyre industry use.

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