PCL’s handheld inflators cause a “Mini” sensation at Automechanika 2008

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL’s handheld inflators cause a “Mini” sensation at Automechanika 2008

PCL’s handy, digital solutions for fast, accurate and reliable tyre inflation have illustrated why Europe is choosing the “Best of British” at this year’s Automechanika.

Whilst PCL’s famous mascot Mini was undoubtedly the star of the show, it couldn’t have done it without the ACCURA 1 electronic handheld inflator in the supporting role.

The event attracted the widest range of visitors to date, with strong interest from customers from over 60 countries keen to see a performance produced by PCL, now a brand recognised worldwide.

European visitors were particularly impressed with ACCURA 1, the proven market leader, and the leading handheld unit of its kind to have passed the strict German PTB approvals. It breaks the mould for handheld units, merging ease of use and readability with rapid, safe and cost-effective tyre inflation, and is becoming widely accepted as the best product available for measuring and checking digital Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). As such customers throughout Europe are appreciating the benefits of ACCURA 1 as the most robust and reliable handheld solution for fast, accurate and cost-effective inflation.

Automechanika also provided the platform for the launch of PCL’s new Prestige Air Tool range which comprises 11 top end products, featuring low vibration, low noise, ergonomic grip and higher performance. Again, the products were well received by customers who saw the premium range as a significant addition to the already comprehensive PCL portfolio.

PCL also paid homage to the show’s theme of the impact of global warming on the automotive market by demonstrating how using the right tyre inflation products can make a substantial difference.

Top of the list for reducing CO2 emissions is ACCURA Mobile, the very latest technology in high performance nitrogen tyre inflation. In increasingly high demand due to its benefits of increased fuel efficiency, extended tyre life, and increased safety, ACCURA Mobile features a robust, weatherproof design, offers low life time costs, and is easy to use with simple controls and optimised cycle times – providing fast, safe, accurate and cost effective nitrogen provision for tyre shops, workshops, car dealerships, transport depots and motor racing applications


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