PCL’s products a hot topic at SEMA following US Election debate

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL’s products a hot topic at SEMA following US Election debate

Despite drastically reduced visitor numbers at SEMA 2008, PCL was pleased to report the usual flow of customers to its stand.

Tyre inflation products were an especially hot topic this year due to Barack Obama’s heavily criticised comments about tyre inflation.

Whilst John McCain was quick to ridicule Obama’s statement that the expansion of offshore drilling could be prevented by keeping tyres inflated, it is true that ensuring tyres have the accurate pressure can reduce CO2 emissions, save fuel and prevent potentially fatal accidents.

PCL has experienced high acceptance on the US market, with a fast-expanding customer base satisfied with the performance of its market-leading products.

Visitors to SEMA were keen to check out the automotive industry’s most advanced handheld and mobile nitrogen inflation equipment, and find out how every little helps when it comes to energy savings and safety.

ACCURA Mobile, PCL’s portable Nitrogen (N2) Tyre inflation cart, was the most talked about product, due to its ability to provide extended tyre life, increased safety, higher fuel economy and superior handling – a win win result for tyre inflation operators and end users alike.

On the handheld agenda were: the AirForce dial unit for guaranteed accuracy; the robust Hi-FLO MK3, for intensive indoor and outdoor use and the ACCURA 1, for rapid, safe and cost-effective tyre inflation.

Also on show was the full range of ACCURA electronic preset tyre inflation units, designed for all types of tyre inflation applications – from tyre shops, garages, and car dealerships to transportation and vehicle manufacture.

Eric Bush, PCL’s North America Regional Manager, was delighted with the turn-out, and with the election-led controversy surrounding tyre inflation.

He said: “We were extremely happy to see the subject of tyre inflation in the headlines during the election. As a supplier of tyre inflation equipment it is our duty to provide reminders and advice about tyre inflation and why it is critical to road safety and energy-savings, and the heated debate helped to highlight vital factors about tyre pressure. The extent of possible energy savings remains to be seen, however the facts do prove that accurate tyre inflation can make substantial energy-savings if we all do our bit.”

In fact, every little really could help, according to high profile reports. The conclusion of Time Magazine, which considered the estimated increase in oil production by expanded offshore drilling, measured against the fact that keeping tyres inflated can improve gas mileage by 3%, and regular maintenance by 4%, was that “Obama is right.”

And when it comes to tyre inflation, PCL is the best candidate for first-class tyre inflation – therefore US customers can ensure they are making maximum contributions to energy-savings by giving PCL’s products their vote.


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