SEMA 2011 – Be There and Be Square, like PCL’s powerful new product ACCURA QUBE

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SEMA 2011 – Be There and Be Square, like PCL’s powerful new product ACCURA QUBE

1st – 4th November 2011, Las Vegas Convention Centre

PCL will showcase its stylish and exciting entry-level ACCURA QUBE at SEMA on Stand Number 41153.

This tiny 150mmx150mm unit packs a petit but powerful punch, offering fast and accurate tyre inflation within a simple, safe, state-of-the-art design.

The QUBE is just as reliable and straightforward as all products in PCL’s leading ACCURA range of preset inflators, yet features just three modes: standard inflate/deflate, tyreshop (featuring overpressure) and nitrogen (top off and complete purge).

All the customer needs to do is preset the required pressure, place the connector on the tyre and let the in-built auto-start function do the rest. In short, the QUBE is designed to be simple and space-saving, without the programmability or customisation of the more expensive models but where ease of use and accuracy are still key. The mini inflator is winning rave reviews worldwide as a space-saving and versatile product, as the QUBE can be simply bolted to tyre changers, making it a big asset for little workshops.

All in all the QUBE squares off the market for fast, accurate and economic tyre inflation in car dealerships, garages, car fleets and tyre changers – providing vehicles with extended tyre life, increased fuel economy and increased safety.

Meanwhile, PCL keeps up the pressure on increasing safety and protecting the environment by demonstrating its advanced products to meet CARB standards to the US.

California’s law governing accurate tyre pressure is aimed at increasing fuel efficiency and road safety, and stipulates that all tyre inflators must deliver inflation to an accuracy of +/- 2psi. A move that the California Air Resources Board believes could save 75 million gallons of fuel per year.

All products in PCL’s comprehensive range of tyre inflators meet the California requirements as standard. Each inflator is tested and individually certified to show the accuracy delivered at the time of manufacture, and carries a full 12 month performance and accuracy guarantee.

PCL’s products are a familiar sight in gas stations, tyre shops, car dealerships and transport depots throughout the world, and all are manufactured to meet the requirements of relevant quality standards and stringent approvals.

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