US Cash and Carry giant Costco pumps up the volume with PCL and Westesco

Published 25 August 2014 in
US Cash and Carry giant Costco pumps up the volume with PCL and Westesco

PCL has scored a hit with US cash and carry heavyweight Costco with repeat orders for its market-leading ACCURA 1 tyre inflator.

Costco, the bulk trade wholesaler of cost-effective yet high quality nationally branded and selected private label merchandise, is well-known for its stores throughout North America and now in the UK.

Each Costco store has a tyre sales and repair centre for customers, with tyre fitting kit and shop tools supplied by Westesco, distributor of equipment to tyre professionals worldwide.

PCL’s highly accurate ACCURA 1 handheld digital inflation unit was the ideal choice for Costco’s tyre fitting bays, with its ease of use and readability, and ability to provide rapid, safe and cost-effective tyre inflation.

The robust yet sophisticated unit combines leading electronics and sensor technology with patented software algorithms for trouble-free inflation and deflation. Meanwhile its biomorphic handle and direct valve mechanism enable the operator to deliver excellent rates of inflation in comfort, which in turn provides customers with extended tyre life, increased fuel economy and improved safety.

Suitable for tyreshops, garages, car dealers and transport depots, ACCURA 1 is widely accepted as the best product available for measuring and checking digital Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).

PCL initially supplied 100 units to Costco through Westesco, and the company was so impressed with their performance that an order for an additional 200 units was placed soon after.

Erich Bush, PCL’s Regional Sales Manager for North America, said: “Costco is reputed for sourcing high quality, value for money products, so our ACCURA 1 fits the bill perfectly as it is incredibly accurate and extremely cost-effective.”

Manny Manos, Westesco’s Vice President National Accounts Manager, was particularly impressed with the product, since it combines all of the features required to meet Costco’s exacting needs. He said: “We feel it is fitting for Costco to use PCL’s ACCURA 1 as the company only uses top quality, affordable equipment in order to offer the best possible service to customers.”

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