Hose Connector Range

Published 01 February 2012 in
Hose Connector Range

Document Number PCN1201 – 28 February 2012

This is the official notification that Pneumatic Components Ltd is changing the plating process of some of its products. This notification provides information on the affected items, the important dates, and how to identify the change.

Items Affected:
The following part numbers will be affected by this change:
HC (Hose Connector range)

Description of Change:
The current electroplating process on the trigger/lever used on the above products will change from a zinc & yellow passivate to a trivalent plating process.

Identification Method to Distinguish Change:
Zinc & yellow passivated plating is yellow/gold in colour
Trivalent plating is silver in colour

Reason for Change:
Process improvement and environmental awareness

Anticipated impact on fit, form, function or reliability:

Implementation Date:
28th February 2012

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