OK175P Jubilee ® ‘O’ Clip Kit with Pincer

Published 22 June 2017 in
OK175P Jubilee ® ‘O’ Clip Kit with Pincer

Document Number PCN1704 – 22 June 2017

This is the official notification that Pneumatic Components Ltd is changing the supplied quantities of its Jubilee ® ‘O’ Clip Kit with Pincer.  This notification provides information on the affected items, the important dates, and how to identify the change.

Items Affected:

The following part numbers will be affected by this change:

OK175P – Jubilee ® ‘O’ Clip Kit with Pincer

Description of Change:

Changed from a normal closing pincer to a side closing pincer.

Reason for Change:

Manufacturer has discontinued the normal closing pincer range.

Anticipated impact on fit, form, function or reliability:

Now a side closing pincer.

Implementation Date:

Immediate effect from 22 June 2017.

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