Single Clip-on Connector (open end)

Published 03 April 2019 in
Single Clip-on Connector (open end)

Document Number PCN1902 – 1 April 2019

This is the official notification that Pneumatic Components Ltd is changing the open-end single clip on connector. This notification provides information on the affected items, the important dates, and how to identify the change.

Items Affected:
The following part numbers will be affected by this change:
AFG4H04 – AFG4 0-140 psi & 0-9.6 bar 0.53m Hose SCO Connector
DAC404 – ACCURA MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator 0.53m Hose SCO Connector
AFG4H061 – AFG4 0-140 psi & 0-9.6 bar 2.7m Hose SCO Connector
RHA2121 – AFG MK4 Hose Assembly 0.53m (21″) to SCO Connector
RHA2034 – AFG MK4 Hose Assembly 1.8m (6ft) to SCO Connector
DS56 – Hose Assembly 7.62m Hose with SCO Connector
DAC4061 – ACCURA MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator 2.7m Hose SCO Connector
DS55 – Hose Assembly 10m Hose with SCO Connector
RHA2137 – AFG MK4 Hose Assembly 2.7m (9ft) to SCO Connector

Description of Change:
PCL STYLE open ended single clip on connector changing to an AIR CONNECTOR
The connector will now be supplied in a bag.

Reason for Change:
Facelift model.

Anticipated impact on fit, form, function or reliability:

Implementation Date:
1 May 2019

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