A revolutionary new compressed air water removal system

Published 05 April 2013 in
A revolutionary new compressed air water removal system

Dropout, a revolutionary new product available from PCL, is receiving rave reviews from the compressed air industry due to its unique ability to remove 99.999% of the bulk liquid water in compressed air, and particulate down to 1 micron without the need for a replacement filter element.

Dropout is an excellent cost-effective alternative to current industry standard water separators that need frequent replacement filter cartridges – an additional costly inconvenience and expense.

The product is ideal for a wide range of applications, including electronics, automotive, spraying and painting, where liquid water free air is required.

Dropout can even be installed in conjunction with your existing dryer, upstream, as a bulk liquid water remover enhancing the performance of your existing dryer or at “point of use”.

The product has impressed users of compressed air systems, who are less concerned with how technically dry the compressed air is, than how liquid water free the compressed air is at “point of use”.

With a minimal inlet/outlet pressure drop, unaffected by blocked filters, Dropout’s performance is maintained for its life with no deterioration whatsoever. In addition, Dropout’s performance does not depend on the compressed air having a stable flow rate or high velocity, as is the case with existing water separators on the market.

Dropout is easy to clean with a sealed aluminium housing, and is designed for longevity – so that there is no drop in liquid water or particle removal efficiency throughout the lifetime of the product.

Dropout is available in a variety of flow rates to suit individual applications.

A video demonstrating this amazing product can be found by clicking here

Further details about this product can be found by clicking here

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