Choose PCL’s new Brake Bleeders for quick and clean operation

Published 05 July 2013 in
Choose PCL’s new Brake Bleeders for quick and clean operation

PCL’s new Brake Bleeders make light work of bleeding and refilling the brake systems of all types of vehicles.

The Brake Bleeders are simple and efficient to operate, and can be used quickly and cleanly by a single person. They are also suitable for bleeding other closed fluid systems, such as clutch systems.

The product works by drawing fluid from the bleed nipple, enabling either bleeding or full replacement of fluid in the system.

The BB143112 model also features a refilling/replenishment system which makes for even easier single person operation.

The PCL branded product features a smart black and blue design, and does not require specialised brake reservoir caps. The Brake Bleeder handle can be used for both hanging and roll up.

PCL’s Brake Bleeders operate on a working pressure of 6-12 bar (87-174 psi) and an air inlet of Rp ¼, with air consumption of 180 l/min (6.4 cfm) at 8 bar. The container holds 1.2 litres with a minimum vacuum of 60%.

PCL’s Brake Bleeders are not to be used for explosive fluids, i.e. petrol and acetone.

The full product specification can be found by clicking here.

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