PCL adds new Prestige line to extend Air Tools range

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL adds new Prestige line to extend Air Tools range

The Prestige range comprises 11 products, featuring low vibration, low noise, ergonomic grip and higher performance.

All products are manufactured from magnesium or composite materials for a high quality, lightweight finish, and are designed to help the user perform jobs more efficiently and in greater comfort.

For instance, the APP270 1″ Impact Wrench provides 2100 Nm of torque yet weighs just 6.1kg. A comparable product would normally weigh 10kg or more. The smaller version, the APP201 1/2″ Impact Wrench, provides a torque of 433 Nm with a weight of only 1.29kg. Both tools have a twin hammer mechanism.

The Prestige range includes the: APP101 3/8″ Impact Wrench; APP234 3/4 Impact Wrench; APP310 3/8″ Ratchet; APP708 Mini Cut-off Tool; APP600 Air Body Saw; APP700 Die-Grinder Set; APP500 Air Hammer Set; and APP760 Palm Sander.

Meanwhile the popular, standard PCL range has been extended from 17 tools to a comprehensive collection of 40, including all of the common air tools, from impact wrenches and ratchets, to sanders and grinding tools.

Nothing has been made obsolete.

Whilst the enhanced range incorporates many new designs, PCL has retained all of the “old faithfuls” which have become tried and tested favourites amongst customers.

The Prestige range was created in response to the demand for low noise and low vibration products, which are ergonomically designed to offer comfort to those using the tools frequently on a daily basis.

Dale Robertson, Product Manager at PCL, said: “The new improved range has been put together based upon feedback from our customers and is designed to encompass every application possible.

“Now, with the extended PCL range complemented by the high quality, yet competitively priced Prestige air tools, we can meet all needs, from the standard, robust and practical tool, to the top end, higher spec product.

“Our aim is to give our customers choice, clarity and transparency by creating a comprehensive range of air tools which is not confusing, making it easy for the customer to select the right tool for their individual application.

“In short, the combination of the PCL and Prestige product lines provides an airtight solution for all needs.”

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