PCL goes to great lengths to create higher function hose reel family

Published 19 November 2019 in
PCL goes to great lengths to create higher function hose reel family

Customer feedback used to develop stylish new range

PCL continues its commitment to customer satisfaction with the release of a high-quality family of plastic air hose reels, offering enhanced functionality and excellent value.

After carrying out extensive market research incorporating customer views, PCL’s new, improved air hose reel portfolio comprises of products selected for their suitability of design, and enhanced features and benefits.

Ideal for garages, workshops and industrial applications, three sizes of reel with different lengths and diameters of hose are available to suit user needs. Each has a hose stop that stops in any position – and is adjustable at the flick of a lever. This new time-saving feature is an industry first. It enables operators to alter the length of hose remaining outside the main body, which is especially convenient when working further away from the hose body than anticipated.

Auto retract is standard. All but the two bench top hose reels are slow retract, now taking an extended 9 seconds to fully retract. All reels have built-in cleaning brushes to prevent dirt and loose swarf getting back into the main body of the unit causing the layering system to fail.

PCL’s popular wall and post mountable Hose Reel (HRA1B03), suitable for multiple applications, is now slow retract, with cleaning brushes and adjustable ball stop as standard at no extra cost. Another customer favourite, the rubber/PVC blend hose, is still available on two products.

Meanwhile PCL has responded to customer feedback asking for a better quality, sturdier bracket by including a stronger, heavier duty bracket within the package.

Last but not least, all features and benefits are clearly outlined on the stylish new packaging, making PCL’s new air hose family an attractive display for merchandising units, as well as an aesthetic addition to workshops.

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