PCL keeps an eye on safety with new PPE safety glasses

Published 18 July 2013 in
PCL keeps an eye on safety with new PPE safety glasses

PCL’s new range of PPE equipment includes top quality Safety Glasses, designed for maximum comfort and protection without stinting on style.

There are four designs available, providing suitable eye wear for workshops, garages, industry, factories, sporting activities, and even casual wear.

The ‘Trix’ model is lower priced, and is Ballistic VO impact-rated and 99% UV protected, with mono lens construction. These glasses come in three colours, Clear Anti-fog, Grey and Mirror.

The ‘Xenon’ range is extremely lightweight at 22g, with 99% UV protection, a rubber nose bridge, and wraparound frame, with 4 colours available – Clear, Grey, Ice Blue and Amber.

PCL’s Safety Goggles are impact and splash resistant, featuring a base six polycarbonate lens with Supercoat anti-fog coating. The 2.2 mm thick lens is impact resistant and four ventilation slots provide fog resistance. Available in Clear Anti-fog.

Safety Overspecs come in Clear only as they provide users with protection whilst wearing their normal glasses. They have a clear hard-coated Polycarbonate lens, and are Ballistic VO impact-rated.

All products in PCL’s PPE range comply with relevant safety and quality standards, and also include Reusable Ear Plugs, Multi-task Gloves, Ear Muffs and Glasses Accessories.

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