PCL launches Dynamic Duo – the new Nitrogen Generator and Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL launches Dynamic Duo – the new Nitrogen Generator and Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

PCL continues to set the pace for tyre inflation technology with the launch of the market-leading Nitrogen Generator and Inflator.

Combining the latest in high performance nitrogen generation with leading inflation technology, this is a double act ideal for anyone in the tyre service industry looking for a reliable cost effective unit capable of providing excellent revenue.

It also removes the need to buy, store and handle bottles – but the overriding benefit is that using nitrogen as an alternative to air provides enhanced handling, improved fuel efficiency, extended tyre life, and most importantly, increased safety for all car users.

The Nitrogen Generator can deliver high levels of nitrogen and represents the latest PSA nitrogen generation technology in a robust, cost effective and mobile design. To this leading Nitrogen Generator capability the Nitrogen Inflator is developed to deliver Nitrogen inflation cost-effectively, with automatic preset facility, so accurate and reliable that it enables the operator to get on with other work whilst up to 4 tyres are inflated simultaneously, thus saving time and money.

The Nitrogen Inflator’s proprietary software, with bespoke purging and flat tyre detection system also enables the inflator to cost-effectively convert a car from air to nitrogen, or simply provide nitrogen top-ups.

Both units are easy to install and operate, and offer low lifetime costs with high grade filtration and performance.

As nitrogen inflation fast gains popularity, tyre service providers using the Nitrogen Generator and Nitrogen Inflator together will find this duo an excellent source of revenue for both N2 fill and Air to N2 Conversion for up to 4 tyres.

These new products complement the PCL’s recently launched Nitrogen Analyser – a rugged and ergonomically designed piece of equipment which can read the actual percentage of nitrogen in your tires. Other products on the market read only the amount of oxygen, therefore the PCL analyzer removes the need to convert the oxygen percentage into the figure for nitrogen.

As with all PCL products, the new Nitrogen Analyser provides the highest levels of accuracy and is made for ease of use, with a simple to operate, one button operation, auto diagnostic with error code to simplify troubleshooting, and a replaceable battery and sensor. The battery life is extended by an automatic power off function.

This makes it ideal for workshops, fleets, tire shops, and car dealerships, as well as more advanced racing applications.

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