PCL launches new PU Coiled Hose Assemblies

Published 04 February 2013 in
PCL launches new PU Coiled Hose Assemblies

PCL has extended its hose range with the addition of coiled hose assemblies in PU, available in blue as well as the existing red.

The range of coiled hose assemblies will now include a collection of polyurethane (PU) hose assemblies, with standardised lengths, IDs and ODs.

The use of PU helps to rule out the limitations of nylon, such as kinking, abrasion, resistance to oils, and increases effective working temperature range.

However, for customers who still prefer nylon PCL will continue to stock its best-selling nylon hoses.

The new PU assemblies feature 360° swivel nickel plated fittings, straight working ends with a spring guard, are designed to recoil to a fraction of their working length and have a working pressure of 200psi.

This translates into a product offering ease of use when attached to tools, with hose ends protected, and a working area clear of entanglement and trip hazards. In addition, 2.5m compact coils offer benefits in confined areas where bend radius is limited.

For distributors and customers this means confidence in both safety and product performance.

Ideally suited to industrial applications, such as those involving air tools, production lines and instrumentation, the range features a comprehensive variety of lengths in red or blue.

All packaging is PCL branded and labelled, with each hose marked with working pressure, hose ID and OD for easy identification.

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