ACCURA Compact

Published 04 February 2013 in
ACCURA Compact

This is PCL’s most simple electronic tyre inflator to date, and manages to combine a modern, user-friendly design with leading sensor technology, electronics and proprietary software in a tiny 10.04ins x 8.66ins footprint.

Customers will find the robust engineering plastic design offers longer life and low maintenance, whilst the durable ceramic sensor enables extremely precise measurement, with tolerances well above the industry standard EC 86/217.

And it’s incredibly easy to operate. All the user has to do is pre-set the required pressure, then place the connector on the tyre – and the inbuilt auto-start function will do the rest.

In a nutshell, the ACCURA Compact is specifically designed to offer the simplest, safest, most accurate means of tyre inflation within a space-saving and cost-effective, lightweight design.

This makes it ideal for commercial environments where ease of use, accuracy and reliability are key, such as car dealerships, garages, car fleets and OEM applications.

As well as providing first class, value for money tyre inflation, the ACCURA Compact enables users’ vehicles to benefit from extended tyre life, increased fuel economy and increased safety.

No small feat for such a compact product.

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