PCL launches tyre valve connector with vice-like grip

Published 04 June 2019 in
PCL launches tyre valve connector with vice-like grip

Pneumatic Components (PCL), the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of pneumatic equipment and tyre inflation systems, has launched the AIR CONNECTOR, a facelift version of the PCL CO2 connector.

The AIR CONNECTOR, which is suitable for use on commercial vehicles, cars and motorbikes, has been designed to make tyre inflation easier on modern vehicles which feature larger alloy/steel wheels and more intricate designs that make the valves more difficult to access.

Manufactured using the finest zinc alloy, aluminium and brass, the AIR CONNECTOR boasts a vice-like grip and easy operation with a thumb-push release button. It can also be rotated to achieve greater grip.

The AIR CONNECTOR range comprises standard straight connectors, as well as 90-degree connectors, for greater manoeuvrability and to get to hard-to-reach valves.

Simon Alexander, category manager at PCL, said: “After 40 years of reliable service, it was time to give the CO2 a much-needed facelift to feature more modern styling and ergonomics. Vehicle design has advanced­ so much since the 80s, and the new AIR CONNECTOR has been designed with this front of mind.

“The AIR CONNECTOR’s vice-like grip means it will not bleed air or come away from the valve, even at 200psi. It is so strong that you can pick up a 20kg wheel with it attached and it will not let go. It is simple, yet robust and reliable, and will save tyre shops, workshops and garages a lot of time and effort.”

The AIR CONNECTOR has been designed in cooperation with PCL’s partners to enhance and modernise its predecessor, and has undergone rigorous internal and external testing, with very positive results.

Founded in 1938, and celebrating its 80th anniversary until June 2019, PCL maintains a firm commitment to its roots and still manufactures from its 12,000m² production facility in Sheffield – the home of engineering excellence. The business is proud to display the city’s prestigious mark of quality and distinction on its ‘Made in Sheffield’ products.

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  1. martin says:

    hello avez vous vous un distributeur (revendeur) en FRANCE.

    si OUI me faire passer les coordonnées. merci

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for getting intouch. I shall ask our Sales Team to contact you by email.

  2. Udaya NATH says:

    Need air tools.please contact me

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  3. Calvin Tey says:


    Do you have local distributor in Bangkok, Thailand?

    Looking for the air connector for aircraft wheels valve stem.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      I shall ask our Aviation Specialist to contact you directly by email.

  4. richard taylor says:

    looking in to buying new ones can you ring me please

    1. Hello,
      I’ve sent you an email so we can put you in contact with a local distributor.

  5. M shukri says:

    Hi… im shukri from malaysia… i want to purchase stand or wall mounted pcl tyre inflator .. please contact me at

    1. Hello,
      We’ll contact you by email

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