PCL leeps all hands to the pump with a 5 year product warranty

Published 19 February 2013 in
PCL leeps all hands to the pump with a 5 year product warranty

PCL’s new high quality hand pumps from TECALEMIT, the K 10 C and OK 9 B are a robust and reliable solution for busy workshops, and come complete with a five year limited warranty.

These pumps have been specially developed in Germany by TECALEMIT for the delivery of thin-fluid mineral oils, diesel, RME and fuels (hazard class AI-III) out of different containers, such as drums and overhead storage containers.

Ideal for drums and small containers, the top end, all-alloy K 10 C and OK 9 B hand pumps are made with longevity in mind, and feature: a single-action piston pump with siphonic action, suction pipes for different immersion depths; and diverse outlet manifolds or outlet valves with anti-kink springs.

The K 10 C is designed for diesel, RME (Rapeseed-Methyl-Ester), fuels (hazard class AI-III), heating oil, low viscosity mineral oils, engine, gearbox and hydraulic oils, and undiluted anti-freeze.

Available with or without grounding wire, the K 10 C has a drum thread of M64 x 4 and G2″, and telescopic suction pipe measuring 470-925mm.

The OK 9 B hand pump, is made for engine, gearbox and hydraulic oils up to SAE 80, and is capable of a pumping capacity of approximately 0.25 l/stroke.

OK 9 B features a drum thread of G2″ and suction pipe of 840mm, with a non-drip outlet, adjustable drum screw connector, and, as with the K 10 C, a clasp for padlock.

Further details of these products can be found by clicking here

Warranty is limited to pump unit only, excludes hose and nozzles.

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