PCL raises the pressure with the new ALG4 Tyre Inflator for Trucks

Published 22 July 2013 in
PCL raises the pressure with the new ALG4 Tyre Inflator for Trucks

PCL has built on the world-leading MK3 to create a high pressure model for truck tyre inflation – the new ALG4.

On the face of it, the ALG4 Truck Tyre Inflator looks exactly the same as the MK3, which has become industry-standard in tyre shops, garages and petrol forecourts across the globe.

The big difference is that the ALG4 goes up to 174 psi (12 bar), a substantial hike from the already powerful MK3’s 138 psi (9.6 bar).

Building on the MK3 to create the ALG4 has resulted in a gauge which not only answers the market need for a higher pressure inflator but also provides one which can withstand harsh tyre shop environments.

The new ALG4 is set to become the heavy duty solution for providing safe, cost-effective and trouble-free high pressure inflation with guaranteed accuracy. This in turn will give truck tyre users the benefits of extended tyre life, increased fuel economy and improved safety.

The reliable and versatile ALG4 Truck Tyre Inflator, with its aluminium die cast body and linear gauge represents the best product on the market for both indoor and outdoor applications, even in extreme weather.

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