PCL sheds light on all situations

Published 05 February 2013 in
PCL sheds light on all situations

Since PCL made its first tyre gauge in 1938 the company has continually developed and expanded its range, covering every area of the tyre market, from armoured troop carriers to bikes and caravans.

PCL has established itself as the brand to buy, with a portfolio of high quality products using the very latest in manufacturing technology. The reason for PCL’s global success is simple… the company never overlooks the little things.

So even an ordinary product such as a work light gets the full PCL treatment.

The result is the MA001 Multifunctional Work Lightfeaturing a 24 watt high intensity output LED that never gets hot – and lasts 100,000 hours.

Three x AA batteries will give you four hours continuous use, and the light comes complete with a foldaway hanging hook for easy and convenient storage.

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