PCL to the rescue with the NEW Emergency Coupling Kit

Published 30 September 2015 in
PCL to the rescue with the NEW Emergency Coupling Kit

PCL to the rescue with the NEW Emergency Coupling Kit

PCL has a released a vital new product to keep service engineers and busy workshops up and running in busy and urgent situations – the Emergency Coupling Kit.

This compact and convenient kit has been designed for use in case of pneumatic airline failures which can lead to expensive downtime.

PCL’s little lifesaver contains all of the parts needed to repair any standard airline failure and have it up and running in minutes.

It includes genuine PCL couplings, adaptors, hosetails and hose connectors, along with Jubilee ® Clips and PTFE tape to convert or repair an airline connection.

The contents have been carefully selected so that there should be a suitable product to use in any emergency situation, for example if a service engineer is out on the road, or in a workshop setting when an urgent solution is required. The kit is aimed at providing an interim repair until the specific product necessary for a long-term fix can be sourced.

All components are packed neatly into a solid compact case which is ideal to be tucked into a van or workshop where storage space is limited.

Item numbers and descriptions are listed on the inside of the case so it’s easy to keep track of parts used and aid with replenishments.

Parts included in PCL’s Emergency Coupling Kit can be viewed, along with the rest of PCL’s product range, at

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