PCL’s enhanced Mini Air Tools range now packs an even mightier punch

Published 25 September 2019 in
PCL’s enhanced Mini Air Tools range now packs an even mightier punch

Busy workers operating in tight spaces will thank heaven for small miracles with the new improved Mini Air Tools range.

The world-leading manufacturer has enhanced and expanded its already exceptional selection of tools designed for tricky jobs in tight spaces.

Two new problem-solving products have been added – the Angled Drill for places that are awkward to reach, and the ½” Ratchet which can be used with existing sockets in this more common size.

All products now incorporate a recessed shoulder, providing even better access to those hard to reach areas. Handles have been given a smoother finish, with an ergonomic rubber grip ensuring additional confidence and security, whilst cushioning the cold, hard effects of working with compressed air.

Meanwhile the branding and retail packaging have been updated for a more stylish appearance.

Featuring lightweight die grinders, sanders, cutters, drills and ratchets that fit in the palm of your hand, this specialist range includes workshop essentials for small areas operators couldn’t normally get to with standard size or difficult to operate hand tools. Each has a rear exhaust to keep airflow away from the work area.

Developed to offer maximum control and consistent performance, PCL’s Mini Air Tools boast the same outstanding quality and performance as all products in PCL’s advanced and ever-expanding portfolio.

Available from November 2019

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