PCL’s new safety air gun blows away the competition

Published 05 November 2013 in
PCL’s new safety air gun blows away the competition

PCL has released a new improved range of Safety Blowguns, with the focus on the BG5009 “2 bar automatic pressure reduction” model which is designed to restrict air pressure to the recommended 2 bar.

Pressure will not go above 2 bar even if, for example, 9 bar is put into the blowgun, which virtually eliminates user error. Other models on the market require the air pressure to be restricted by other means, such as a tamper proof regulator, in order to meet the recommended 2 bar pressure.

Other benefits of this sleek new Auto Safety Blowgun, include: ergonomically designed handle for comfort in use, featuring the new blue and black branding; the use of a valve to allow trigger adjustable airflow; and a guaranteed leak-free valve system, even after thousands of operations.

The low noise level meets the OSHA standard, and all blowguns conform to HSE and BCAS recommendations.

Other models in the blowgun range include: the BG5006 Low Noise Safety Blowgun with a noise at 8 bar of less than <78.0 dB; the BG5008 Turbo Nozzle Safety Blowgun, which increases air flow by 100%; the BG5005 Safety Aircurtain Blowgun with increased air flow and low noise level; and the BG5004 Safety Nozzle Blowgun, manufactured from chemical and impact resistant acetal resin.


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