PCL’s new spray guns make ‘Lite’ work of painting

Published 17 July 2013 in
PCL’s new spray guns make ‘Lite’ work of painting

PCL has introduced yet another must-have product with the new ‘Lite’ Spray Gun range.

Aimed at those seeking a fit-for-purpose product that doesn’t break the bank, the new guns is suitable for light viscosity painting applications.

There are two models available – the SG01L for Suction feed, and the SG02L for Gravity feed.

Both are made from lightweight aluminium and come with a standard 1.5mm nozzle. Ergonomically designed for comfort, PCL’s Lite Spray Guns come ready for immediate use, complete with cleaning brush and hose tailpiece adaptor.

These models have a working pressure of 3.0-4.0 bar, and a pattern width of 140-180mm for the Suction version, and 120-250mm for the Gravity gun.


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