Power to PCL’s new AWG02 air and water gun

Published 05 February 2013 in
Power to PCL’s new AWG02 air and water gun

PCL’s new economy AWG02 Air and Water Gun provides maximum performance for the minimum price.

This functional tool offers the top cleansing capabilities of combined air and water power.

Made from a mixture of alloy, rubber and plastic, the AWG02 is ideal for washing off cleaning, degreasing fluids and compounds from vehicles or machines, and can be fitted wherever there is a supply of air and water.

The gun features a strong jet which quickly removes dirt and grease without damaging surfaces, with the water atomized by air pressure.

The hardy AWG02 is the ideal choice for busy workshops, with its extra strong alloy body construction, and its ergonomically deigned handle and trigger for comfort in use.

Supplied complete with a 13mm tailpiece (water connection) and 1/4″ male thread (air connection) and the air consumption is 130 l/min / 4.6cfm.

The AWG02 is the latest addition to PCL’s comprehensive range of spray guns. From DIY and Economy to HVLP and Sand Blast guns, all products are suitable for most light and medium viscosity spray applications.

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